Tower Records Album Chart

Tower Records Album Chart

1. Boy Genius EP
2. Robyn- Honey
3.  Bohemian Rhapsody OST
4. Vince Staples- FM
5. Razorlight- Olympus Sleeping 

 Boy Genius

Our Top Albums this week are an eclectic mix. We have a great debut, a return to form for a Euro Dance Songstress, the best of a rock and roll titan, an underrated rapper and long lost indie band. 
Number one is Boygenius debut EP. We were so excited for this indie supergroup and they didn’t let us down. Haunting, beautiful and true, we cannot find more expletives to share with you!! Check them out with the rest of the top five and let us know what you think!! 


Danny Zeijdel

Hello i’m a Former Tower Records employee. I’m interested in speaking to the owner of this website. I’m also interested in licensing and or purchasing the Tower name. Please reach out to me at your convenience.

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