Maisie Peters Wisps the Next Teenage Pop Anthems with 'The Good Witch'


Written by Jenna Love

Maisie Peters, an English singer-songwriter turned pop star is turning heads as she released her sophomore album, The Good Witch on June 23rd 2023 to an excited reception.. The packed 15 song album brings you through a tour of her emotions. Maisie Peters’ wispy sweet voice sings her intricate lyricism and illustrates her heartbreak to a stadium of pop lovers. Her familiar pop tone still finds a way to remain fresh. Technicolor synths and 80s inspired drum machines gives Peters’ music an edge. Fans of Olivia Rodigo, Maude Latour, and Renee Rapp would appreciate any of Maisie Peter’s music. Nothing like a young pop artist singing about her ex to an audience of teenage girls pumping their fists. 

Maisie Peters has had an eventful year supporting Ed Sheeran on their 2023 world tour. Her career began in a simple light where Maisie posted her original songs to YouTube in 2015. She began to be significantly noticed with her debut single, “Place We Were Made,” amassing millions of streams. Things began to take off. She gained interest from her now manager from her YouTube channel and signed a record deal before her high school graduation. Maisie signed to Atlantic records in 2018, and proceeded to release two EPs; Dressed Too Nice for a Jacket and It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral

In 2021, Peters left Atlantic Records and signed with Ed Sheeeran’s label Gingerbread Records. Maisie released her debut album You Signed Up For This. Her new album, The Good Witch captures her growth as an artist. She maintains her pop sound with new wave instrumentation inspiration but introduces a more vulnerable side. It feels more effortless, more personal, like she’s pulling the listener closer. “Lost The Breakup” is the highlight of the album. She’s pouring her heart out about her ex’s new girlfriend building up to the hook while confessing, “I’m the best thing that almost happened to you!” Another honorable mention, “Body Better,” layers synths over the four-on-the-floor bass drum and builds the suspense to the chorus. In the chorus, Maisie Peters’ plays with lyricism, “I can’t help thinking that she’s got a better body, Has she got a body better than mind?” In the second verse, there is a moment of clarity where it clears up to vocals, drums, and bass. This empowering pop anthem ornaments the feeling of femininity. 

The Good Witch is an impressive sophomore album, geared towards the stereotypical, true pop lover. While not overly edgy or deep, it boasts clean, wispy vocals singing about a young girl’s breakup.The album is catered towards the same audience as Olivia Rodigo, young and eager pop lovers about to get their driver's license.

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