Blu & 45 King: Pocket Full of Miracles

Blu & 45 King: Pocket Full of Miracles
Title: Pocket Full of Miracles
Label: Redefinition Records
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Limited seven inch vinyl pressing. Our record collections contain the soundtracks to our lives often providing music for every occasion and memory. The collaboration of East coast pioneer 45 King and west coast favorite Blu is an occasion so special, it should be held in company of your most prized vinyl. Only the forces of nature could bring this producer and MC together. Redef captured the rarity on a limited edition 45 beautifully designed by Joe Buck. The A-side, aptly titled, ‘Pocket Full of Miracles’ is symbolic on various levels. In commemorative fashion, Blu celebrates the career homecoming achievement of working with such royalty over The Kings chipper yet knocking beat. The song channels the catchiness of Jay-Z’s 45 King produced breakout opus, ‘Hard Knock Life’. ‘Pocket Full of Miracles’ is a sure-shot contender for instant classic even without Smokey Robinsons backup group. Don't be surprised if it becomes an anthem. Includes 45 King instrumental version on the flip.

1.1 Pocket Full of Miracles - Vocal
1.2 Pocket Full of Miracles - Instrumental

Blu & 45 King: Pocket Full of Miracles

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Product-type:7-INCH SINGLE

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