Nation Beat: Legends of the Preacher

Nation Beat: Legends of the Preacher
Title: Legends of the Preacher
Label: Modiba Productions

At the heart of Nation Beat's LEGENDS OF THE PREACHER lies a totally original 21st century fusion between thunderous Brazilian maracatu drumming and New Orleans second line rhythms, Appalachian-inspired bluegrass music, funk, rock and country-blues. Conjuring the spirit of powerful and liberated carnival queens, rising Brazilian star Liliana Araujo fronts the ensemble with her soaring powerhouse vocals, evoking the righteous soul singers of America's golden age of soul. LEGENDS OF THE PREACHER also features three mesmerizing collaborations with 2007 Grammy award winners the Klezmatics.

1.1 A Onde Tem Cerveja Tem Mulher
1.2 Sobe a Poeira
1.3 Nago Nago
1.4 Salve Ze
1.5 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
1.6 Coroa Imperial
1.7 De Repente No Repente
1.8 A Vida Tava Tao Boa
1.9 A Cowboy in Brazil
1.10 Banzeiro
1.11 Mare Cheia Ft. the Klezmatics
1.12 Ver Es Hot Ft. the Klezmatics
1.13 Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
1.14 Preacher's Dirge (Instrumental)
1.15 The Preacher Ft. the Klezmatics
1.16 Repente Sextilha

Nation Beat: Legends of the Preacher

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