Lucero, Raymunda: Ilocana

Raymunda Lucero: Ilocana
Title: Ilocana
Label: CD Baby

Toiling patiently in the lush tobacco-growing regions in the Philippines is the ILOCANA - with the sun-bronzed face and arms, whose eyes are as dark as the night creeping in the lowlands, whose smile is the definition of peace and loveliness. Strong-fibered and God-fearing, she is the mistress of the tobacco land and roots. When the angelus rings in the chapel signifying that work is done, the Ilocana slowly wends her way home...carabao-borne. And home is a hundred flickering lights, nestling like a bejeweled tiara in the windblown valley, vying with the galaxy above. For this is peace...this is the resurrection of the hardened silence of toil in the tobacco land and roots. She listens dutifully to the stories of her elders and sings joyously with them the songs of the echoing valleys. And then, with an audible tugging in her heart, she lies on the sampaguita-scented "papag" (bamboo bed) and slowly,sweetly and contentedly waits for the many-splendored bursting of the sun. Another dawn in the life-giving fields, the tobacco land and roots that gave her birth and dreams of many tomorrows. So sit back,relax and enjoy Raymunda Lucero's musical interpretation of what everyone knows to be an Ilocana.

1.1 Pamulinawen
1.2 Ti Ayat Ti Meysa Nga Ubing
1.3 Naragsac Unay Ti Biag Ti Balasang
1.4 Ilocana
1.5 Biag Nga Indad-Dadumac
1.6 Naliclicac Cad Pay
1.7 Manang Biday
1.8 Biag Ken Bileg
1.9 Casasaad Ti Baro Ken Balasang
1.10 Alluadam Dayta Dayaw
1.11 Binig a Sensena-Ay
1.12 Nasam-It Ngem Naranggas

Lucero, Raymunda: Ilocana

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