Philip Glass: Itaipu: The Canyon

Philip Glass: Itaipu: The Canyon
Title: Itaipu: The Canyon
Label: Music on CD

CD reissue. Itaipu is a place between Brazil and Paraguay and hosts a large hydro-electric dam. This album is a work of massive proportions much like the creation of the Itaipu dam. On this work Glass makes good use of a heavy brass section combined with a large chorus and is around 40 minutes in length, spread over 4 movements. The extensive choral work is written in the language of the Giuranni Indians. Glass often chooses obscure languages for the effect of distance. This is a powerful pair of compositions and it is a good coupling on this recording. On the opener "Itaipu" and the closing track "The Canyon" the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and chorus with Robert Shaw do a truly grand job of performance. It's a superb Glass work and a real classic of the 90's.

1.1 I. Mato Grosso
1.2 II. the Lake
1.3 III. the Dam
1.4 IV. to the Sea
1.5 The Canyon - Robert Shaw

Philip Glass: Itaipu: The Canyon

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