Carlos Simon/Marco Pavé: Requiem For The Enslaved

Carlos Simon/Marco Pavé: Requiem For The Enslaved
Title: Requiem For The Enslaved
Label: Decca

Carlos Simon / Marco Pavé - "Requiem For The Enslaved" - 2022 release. American composer Carlos Simon presents a multi-genre work, Requiem for the Enslaved. This work is a musical tribute to commemorate the stories of 272 enslaved men, women and children sold in 1838 by Georgetown University. Described as a "rap opera," Carlos infuses his original compositions with African American spirituals and familiar Catholic liturgical melodies.

1.1 I. invocation
1.2 II. lord have mercy (let us go)
1.3 kyrie
1.4 interlude (Issac ran away)
1.5 to be in that number
1.6 III. we all found heaven
1.7 IV. grant them rest
1.8 interlude (i got shoes)
1.9 remember me (spoken word interlude),
1.10 V. remember me
1.11 light everlasting interlude
1.12 .VI. light everlasting
1.13 deliver me (spoken word interlude)
1.14 VII. deliver me
1.15 VIII. gloria
1.16 IX. shine upon them
1.17 X. in paradisium (into paradise) ashé
1.18 light
1.19 everlasting (solo piano version)
1.20 in paradisium (instrumental version)
1.21 we all found heaven (instrumental version)

Carlos Simon/Marco Pavé: Requiem For The Enslaved

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