Leo J.: Homeland for the Restless

Leo J and the Mêlée: Homeland for the Restless
Title: Homeland for the Restless
Label: CD Baby

Genuine, heartfelt and simply arranged, Homeland for the Restless is a wanderer's prayer and a love poem for the disenchanted. This deeply personal work is marked by an obvious affection for traditional forms and given to bursts of cowboy yips, brooding sorrow and common gibberish. It is the debut solo album of gifted lyricist and storyteller Leo J, the former guitarist of The So So Glos and The Dirty Words. Crafted with care and joy over the course of a summer and fall in Portland, Oregon, this release is part tragedy, part redemption, all-American.

1.1 Big Big World
1.2 Sunday Caller
1.3 New Mexico Someday
1.4 Seeds and Manure
1.5 That Cutting Wind
1.6 Ballad of Frankie
1.7 Ballad of Caroline
1.8 Wildflower Tea
1.9 Lord Comes a Knockin
1.10 Deliver Me

Leo J.: Homeland for the Restless

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