Norman Blake: Brushwood (songs & Stories)

Norman Blake: Brushwood (songs & Stories)
Title: Brushwood (songs & Stories)
Label: Western Jubilee

2017 release from the folk veteran. Returning in 2016 to Lookout Mountain, Norman Blake has again recorded all-new, original Blake material written over the past two years culminating in the 19 selections of Brushwood Song & Stories: two Instrumental rags, two spoken-word recitations, and 15 songs, two written with Nancy Blake, who also provides her sweet harmonies on five of the tracks. This recording highlights the elements displayed throughout Norman's celebrated, multi-generational career; be it his rooted-in-tradition prolific songwriting, storytelling or his world-renowned master guitar work. Truly though, it's the instruments themselves that Norman loves so much. Hand-selecting an admirable list of old-time instruments, Norman brought Brushwood Songs & Stories to life in vivid tones and timbre. Norman tells us that outside of the occasional contribution to a special project here and there, he feels this might be his last full-length recording.

1.1 The Countess Lola Montez
1.2 How the Weary World Wears Away
1.3 Bunk Johnson Trumpet Man
1.4 High Rollers
1.5 The Generic Rag
1.6 Waitin for the Mail and Social Security
1.7 The Lantern Thru the Fog
1.8 Theres a Storm Somewhere
1.9 Newsome Gap Rag
1.10 The Truth Will Stand When This World's on Fire
1.11 Sweet Banks of Flowers Georgies Vision
1.12 Look Away, So Far Away
1.13 The Fate of Oliver Curtis Perry - Empire State Train Robber
1.14 The Target Shooter
1.15 Fiddlin Peg Leg Jackson on the Mourners Bench
1.16 The Nameless Photograph
1.17 Cripple Charlie Clark
1.18 The Western Atlantic at Willowdale Curve
1.19 Stay Down on the Farm

Norman Blake: Brushwood (songs & Stories)

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