McGuire, Seanan: Stars Fall Home

Seanan McGuire: Stars Fall Home
Title: Stars Fall Home
Label: CD Baby

Despite being located primarily in Northern California, Seanan manages to be seen all over North America, thus proving that she really has no concept of what it means to stay home. She got into filk music in her teens, and never bothered to get out of it, although she continued cheerfully expanding her interests, doing such silly things as 'selling several novels' and 'starting a podcast.' It is widely believed that she doesn't actually sleep, or that she is, in fact, an alien plant person from a small planet near Betelgeuse. As a singer and songwriter, Seanan takes inspiration in everything she can find, from horror movies and comic books to folklore and that weird plant that's doing it's damnedest to pull down the wall in her back garden. In 2006, she decided to produce an album, and promptly drafted friends from all over the world to assist her in this endeavor. (Seriously. Tracks for this album were recorded everywhere from California to the United Kingdom. It's awesome.) The result was released in 2007, and fully remastered, remixed, and even substantially re-rerecorded in 2013, with all new material and a whole new sound. In her spare time, Seanan works as a QA analyst, writes buckets of poetry, and drives her agent batty by providing a constant stream of new novels to deal with. Again, she doesn't sleep. She is, however, planning to eventually conquer the planet. Because it would be fun.

1.1 Follow Me Down
1.2 Paper Moon
1.3 This Is My Town
1.4 Dorothy
1.5 River Lies
1.6 Four-Color Love
1.7 In This Sea
1.8 Sycamore Tree
1.9 Take Advantage of Me
1.10 Country Song
1.11 Downhome Aphrodite
1.12 Continental Divide
1.13 Evil Laugh
1.14 Earthquake Weather
1.15 Still Catch the Tide
1.16 Pretty Little Dead Girl

McGuire, Seanan: Stars Fall Home

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