Jared Bayless: Untitled Silence

Jared Bayless: Untitled Silence
Title: Untitled Silence
Label: CD Baby

Jared Bayless Bio Feeling alone and lost in a maze of unborn divine messages, it was at that point in my life that I decided to take those messages and begin vocalizing them. I knew that the lyrics which were coming out on paper were not my own, but God speaking through me. It was the desire of my heart to share my lyrics with more than just those around me, but to as many as possible. These words not only came from my heart but they were empathic emotions intended for those who are broken, deterred from truth, hopeless, and looking for the light. I want to tell other people's stories through their eyes, sharing their lives and emotions through a whole new worldview. I have continued to further God's will in my musical career for a larger audience, but I still only play for an audience of One, hoping that everyone listening joins their voices in singing with me.

1.1 The Beast
1.2 Diaries to God
1.3 Forever 8
1.4 Taken By Your Grace
1.5 Beyond the Mask
1.6 Risen to Life
1.7 We Move
1.8 The Day I Fell
1.9 Whispers of a Heartbeat
1.10 Untitled Silence

Jared Bayless: Untitled Silence

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