Seasons: Eventide Lullabye

Seasons: Eventide Lullabye
Title: Eventide Lullabye
Label: CD Baby

Faith and Family Magazine has called Seasons a sibling act "you don't want to miss." A harp and hammered dulcimer trio out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Steubenville, Ohio, Seasons is made up of Mary-Kate Spring, Peter Winter, and Mary-Teresa Summer Lee. Grapevine Online described Seasons' first CD, a Christmas project entitled Eventide Lullabye, as "beauty that would touch every soul." Among other reviews, Catholic Digest said the CD was filled with "gentleness and grace," Musicmaker's Magazine called it "haunting yet sweet," and EWTN Radio simply called it "Fantastic." Reviewers have already used "fantastic" to describe Seasons new CD, Which Way to Dublin Town, as well, along with calling it's original, vocal tracks The Helmsman and Dalriada "beautiful." Seasons' three members range in age from seventeen to twenty-two and, in addition to harp and dulcimer, play a range of instruments, including mandolin, eukulele, penny whistle, and percussion. The band has played professionally and as a ministry for eight years to all audiences from nursing home residents and churches to foreign dignitaries and internationally acclaimed artists. Seasons has opened for a Grammy winner, played at the John Paul II Cultural Center, and may be the only harps ever to have claimed the stage at the Appalachian Brewing Company. Their music has been played on radio stations heard throughout the mid-Atlantic region, and they have performed in seven states and sold CDs in nine countries. As the band describes it's early days, In November 2006, we released our first CD as an independent Christmas project in our three-county region. When our dad ordered 2500 copies, we thought he was crazy. We sent the CD to a few local Christian radio stations, but didn't expect it to get played so we forgot about it. We had no plan for marketing or promoting the CDs, and our mom was terrified the boxes filled with them would never leave our basement. Our dad set them up as furniture only further fueling Mom's fears. About a week after sending the CDs to the radio stations, we got a call at about 7:00 am from Pete Hamel, the morning DJ and station manager at a local Christian radio station-Pete was actually playing our CD, and people were calling in to the station to find out who we were and how to buy the CD. The station couldn't tell them anything, however, because our website was still under construction. We had never envisioned anyone going to our website so we had forgotten about finishing that as well. Before we had time to imagine that we were in charge of what was going on, we were being played on three more stations covering Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland. Then we were being featured on The Message in Music on the EWTN International Radio Network. By the time that first Christmas season was over, we had set sales records for independent and seasonal projects at the four stores we were in, and we led all music projects in December at all those stores. At one store we played at, we sold twenty-eight CDs in two hours. One central Pennsylvania tour bus driver even designated Eventide Lullabye as his official holiday trip music! When you consider that we never really expected that anyone we didn't know would ever hear our music, you get a sense, not only of God's sense of humor, but also of how really, really blessed we feel we have been already. For example, God has been incredibly good to us with our first CD in spite of our best efforts to mess up. Fortunately the love of God is like that. We have no idea where God wants to lead us musically or otherwise. He takes us one step at a time, and sometimes we struggle with that. But we also are really thankful for where we are: God has invited us as a band to make music a big part of our lives and let's each of us in the band play our music with people who know who we really are but see us and love us as God does (which is, of course, better than we deserve!). God has also led us to great audiences who have graciously responded to what we have to share. We trust that whatever God has planned for us will be better than anything we could imagine (and between the three of us we have some pretty vivid imaginations!).

1.1 Little Drummer Boy
1.2 Eventide Lullabye
1.3 Bring a Torch
1.4 Carol of the Bells
1.5 Stable Song
1.6 Good King Wenceslaus
1.7 Hark, the Herald Angels Sing
1.8 Listen to the Angels
1.9 The First Noel
1.10 We Three Kings
1.11 Silent Night
1.12 Greensleeves
1.13 Angels We Have Heard on High
1.14 Emmanuel/Eventide Lullabye Reprise
1.15 Bonus Track

Seasons: Eventide Lullabye

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