Lyrics Born: Same !@#$ Different Day

Lyrics Born: Same !@
Title: Same !@#$ Different Day
Label: Quannum Projects

This remix album of the critically acclaimed and self-produced LATER THAT DAY, contains 5 new songs and 8 remix tracks that are similar to the originals only in name. The record is a fresh collection of Lyrics Born's signature blend of funk, R&B, rock, reggae and soul. Features stellar collaborations with artists such as KRS-One, Evidence, Casual and E-40, with production by Dan the Automator (Handsome Boy Modeling School, Gorillaz), DJ Shadow, Morcheeba, Chie Xcel (Blackalicious), Jumbo the Garbageman (Life saves) and Young Einstein (Ugly Duckling). Also includes bonus DVD.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Hello - (Remix, with Lifesavas)
1.3 Pack Up - (With Krs-One/Evidence)
1.4 I'm Just Raw
1.5 Do That There - (Young Einstein Hoo-Hoo Mix)
1.6 I Changed My Mind - (Rattlesnake Mix)
1.7 Bad Dreams Interlude
1.8 Shake It Off - (Bad Dreams Part II)
1.9 Last Trumpet, the - (Halou Remix)
1.10 Over You - (With Joyo Velarde)
1.11 I Can't Wait for Your Love - (With Joyo Velarde)
1.12 Bay, the - (With the Poets of Rhythm/C. Holliday)
1.13 Callin' Out - (With E-40/Casual)
1.14 Outro
1.15 Stop Complaining - (Morcheeba Remix)
1.16 I Changed My Mind - (DJ Spinna Mix)
2.1 The Last Trumpet [DVD]
2.2 I Changed My Mind [DVD]
2.3 Bad Dreams [DVD]
2.4 Callin' Out [DVD]
2.5 Pack Up [DVD]
2.6 Quannum World Tour 2004 [DVD]

Lyrics Born: Same !@#$ Different Day

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