Sapient: Make More

Sapient: Make More
Title: Make More
Label: Sandpeople Music

Sapient has been a prominent member of the Northwest Hip Hop Collective Sandpeople since their formation. The unique sound of his production has been a driving force for the crew's success. Make More is his latest solo album, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Sapient himself. Features Sandpeople members Illmaculate and Ethic.

1.1 Here
1.2 My Grind Is Tech
1.3 Ay Ay Ay
1.4 I Did It
1.5 Make More
1.6 Ready for Whatever
1.7 Muschien
1.8 Diamond in the Rough
1.9 The Way It Is
1.10 Dopesick
1.11 Invested
1.12 Debaser Is
1.13 Argonauts
1.14 Till the End
1.15 Uptown Squalor

Sapient: Make More

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