Selena: 10 Great Songs

Selena: 10 Great Songs
Title: 10 Great Songs
Label: Capitol

Before her tragic death at the barrel of a crazed fan's gun, Tejano singer Selena crossed from Latin superstardom to a star in mainstream America. Considered the Latina Madonna, her music stirred the heart, and off stage she was an advocate for families, anti-drug campaigns and AIDs awareness. Delight in 10 of her best English-language hits.

1.1 My Love
1.2 I Could Fall in Love
1.3 Captive Heart
1.4 Dreaming of You
1.5 Is It the Beat?
1.6 Missing My Baby
1.7 Only Love
1.8 I'm Getting Used to You
1.9 Where Did the Feeling Go?
1.10 A Million to One

Selena: 10 Great Songs

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