Talulah Gosh: Was It Just a Dream

Talulah Gosh: Was It Just a Dream
Title: Was It Just a Dream
Label: Damaged Goods

2013 collection from the British Indie/Twee band. Was It Just a Dream? contains all of their single and radio session tracks, plus live versions of two songs of which no studio recordings exist ("Pastels Badge" and "Rubber Ball") and a flexi-disc track ("I Told You So"). The album features all the contents of their deleted Backwash collection and adds additional demos.

1.1 Beatnik Boy
1.2 My Best Friend
1.3 Steaming Train
1.4 Just a Dream
1.5 Talulah Gosh
1.6 Don't Go Away
1.7 Escalator Over the Hill
1.8 My Boy Says
1.9 Way of the World
1.10 Testcard Girl
1.11 Bringing Up Baby
1.12 I Can't Get No Satisfaction (Thank God)
1.13 The Girl with the Strawberry Hair
1.14 Talulah Gosh [Janice Long Session] [Version]
1.15 Do You Remember
1.16 Looking for a Rainbow
1.17 Sunny Inside
1.18 My World's Ending
1.19 Be Your Baby
1.20 Break Your Face
1.21 In Love for the Very First Time
1.22 Spearmint Head
1.23 I Told You So
1.24 Pastels Badge
1.25 Rubber Ball
1.26 Steaming Train [Demo Version]
1.27 I Told You So [Demo Version]
1.28 MMM MMM He's So Dreamy [Demo Version]
1.29 Sunny Inside [Demo Version]

Talulah Gosh: Was It Just a Dream

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