La Muerte: Headhunter

La Muerte: Headhunter
Title: Headhunter
Label: Cop International

Do you dig industrial metal / rock? Do you think "Headhunter" is possibly the most iconic song in industrial music? If you do this might be your jam. Belgian band La Muerte achieved Cult status with their unique style of noise/metal in the 80ties. Total trail blazers that are still full of energy and bile! La Muerte is the source code, a reminder of the time industrial kids had brass balls and steel toes. And it doesn't hurt one bit that these fine folks are involved in this release: Richard 23, Patrick Codenys, Mussolini Headkick, The Weathermen, John Fryer, Doganov, Scarabée, The Joy Thieves, and Sick Jokes. Founded in Brussels in 1984, La Muerte's mythical reign over the Belgian Underground began. The press loved them i-D to Sounds, Melody Maker to NME, La Muerte became best-known for peddling alternative metal and discordant noise, like an inebriated midnight melee between Motörhead, Velvet Underground, The Birthday Party, and Butthole Surfers. Their cult status was born.

1.1 Headhunter
1.2 Whack This Guy (Remix By Doganov)
1.3 Headhunter (Remix By John Fryer)
1.4 Ecoute Cette Prière (Remix By Scarabée)
1.5 Headhunter (Remix By Sick Jokes)
1.6 I Would Die Faster (Remix By JP Everaerts / Mussolini Headkick)
1.7 Headhunter (Remix By the Joy Thieves)
1.8 She Did It for Lust
1.9 Get Whipped (The Good Boy Mix By Richard 23 ; Patrick Codenys from Front 242)
1.10 Headhunter (Remix By the Weathermen)
1.11 Gun in My Hand
1.12 Whack This Guy
1.13 Crash Baby Crash

La Muerte: Headhunter

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