Wet Paint: Open'in Flowa'

Wet Paint: Open&
Title: Open'in Flowa'
Label: CD Baby

The 3rd installment of the debut triology from Wet Paint. The most elaborately presented with painting and altered evolutions within the fold out. Dedicated to Imu 'I Am You' our doggie. This pretty much sums up the sent I meant of the music, lyrically, process and completion. We are all one. So, Open like a flowa' within your heart, mind and soul. Thanks to Pate and Carter the original trio for flowing with me all of these years. You are my brothers. Thanks to all of the other musicians who joined us; Heather Bennett, Phoenix Rivera, Jonathan Townes, Paul Duffy, Josh Margolis and Yael. Elizabeth McGuffey who created the graphic lay out and evolving the original painting on the cover, transforming it's colors and shapes on the fold out panels underneath the song lyrics. Thanks to Larry Bentley the Cellar Dwellar for mastering the recordings captured by Chris Lelli. And thanks to the Creator for this creation. Blessing, enjoy. D.

1.1 Openin' Flowa'
1.2 Island Breeze
1.3 Games a Haze
1.4 2-1-3
1.5 Language Down Unda'
1.6 Middle Way
1.7 You Didn't Get Nuthin'
1.8 Mirror Me; Believe
1.9 Humble Sauce

Wet Paint: Open'in Flowa'

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