13 Winters: Where the Souls Wander

13 Winters: Where the Souls Wander
Title: Where the Souls Wander
Artist: 13 Winters
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 794465850927
Genre: Heavy Metal

Fronted by lead vocalist, Diana Adams, this band started out as a solo project and expanded over the years with the talents or Roy Adams and Mike Webb. They are currently working on their second full length album. A follow-up on their first 'Where The Souls Wander'-2004. While they have been through more band members than Pamela Anderson, they manage to keep going. Driven by the knowledge that they are a one of a kind act which has forced them to cast aside the arcane idealism of genres leaving only one term to desribe themselves by.... DARK METAL.

1.1 The Dead
1.2 Mote It Be
1.3 Just Winter
1.4 In My Memories
1.5 Beauty Is the Beast
1.6 Autumn
1.7 The Dead (Live)
1.8 Foresaken
1.9 Cold, Dark, Empty
1.10 Beyond
1.11 Garden Forgotten By Time
1.12 Hands on Thorns
1.13 Dark Embrace

13 Winters: Where the Souls Wander


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