Manolson, Akbar Eric: Healing Piano: The Aramaic Prayer-Music to Energiz

Akbar Manolson Eric: Healing Piano: The Aramaic Prayer-Music to Energiz
Title: Healing Piano: The Aramaic Prayer-Music to Energiz
Label: CD Baby

Akbar Eric Manolson was born in Montreal, Canada. He now lives in the beautiful Eastern Townships region of Quebec, only minutes north of the Green montains of Vermont. Akbar Eric began learning piano at a young age. As a teenager, he traveled through the United States and Canada, studying in both traditional and non traditional learning environments. In Turkey, South Africa, India and Israel he deepened his understanding of the mysticism of sound and the application of art and rhythm to health and healing. For over 25 years he has given presentations, trainings and leading seminars in his unique approach to therapeutic sound and movement in settings as diverse as brain injury clinics, corporate offices and at the 1996 Summer Olympic games. He has worked as a consultant to the mental health care system of the state of Georgia, and has initiated numerous therapeutic music programs in private facilities, including the nationally known Shepherd Center hospital for catastrophic injury, where he specialized in spinal cord and head injury. He is presently on sabbatical from his direct work with clients in therapy, and is focusing his time at the piano on composing and arranging, as well as pursuing a renewed study of the healing power of nature. His current projects include music for film scores, and the release of 'Healing Piano Two: You've Got a Friend', and 'Healing Piano Three: Morning songs'. My Manolson is the father of two children, both of whom are musicians, as well as being involved with many other wondrous pursuits in the world.

1.1 Opening (Overture)
1.2 Remembrance [Abwoon]
1.3 Sacred Space [Nathgadash]
1.4 We Can [Tey Tey]
1.5 Passion [Neyweh]
1.6 Support of the Earth [Havlan]
1.7 Clearing and Flowing [Wasboglan]
1.8 Celebration [Wela]
1.9 A Healing Field [Metol]
1.10 The Spoken Prayer [Abwoon]
1.11 The Song Renews [L'ahlam Almin. Ameyn]

Manolson, Akbar Eric: Healing Piano: The Aramaic Prayer-Music to Energiz

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