Hammerman, Al: Al Hammerman All New Songs

Al Hammerman: Al Hammerman All New Songs
Title: Al Hammerman All New Songs
Artist: Hammerman, Al
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 837101142908
Genre: Jazz

'If Al was around to write songs for Sinatra, we would've been blessed with at least a few more hits.' DEREK SIVERS, founder of CDBaby! With a feel for today's sound as well as an admiration and respect for the likes of Gershwin, Porter and Berlin, Hammerman's songs are at once both fresh, yet familiar. Treat yourself to composer Al Hammerman's CD of "All New Songs," performed by the exceptional vocal stylings of Arvell Keithley, Phil Loder, Alan Oxenhandler and Caroline Gallagher. Stop telling yourself 'they just don't write them the way they used to,' and buy Al Hammerman's 'All New Songs' today!

1.1 All New Songs
1.2 Only Julia
1.3 New Kind of Cool
1.4 Nothing But Time
1.5 Mr. Moon
1.6 Kiss My Jazz
1.7 Red Rover
1.8 Falling All Over
1.9 Something About Her
1.10 Make a Wish

Hammerman, Al: Al Hammerman All New Songs


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