Nackman, Alex: Sunrise Falls

Alex Nackman: Sunrise Falls
Title: Sunrise Falls
Artist: Nackman, Alex
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 634479373848
Genre: Rock

SUNRISE FALLS, the much anticipated 4th release from Alex Nackman has arrived. It's been 7 years of near break-less touring, 700 shows, 30 U.S. states, and 3 countries, but everything is just fine in the Alex Nackman camp. In fact, things are great. Through pure grassroots fan support stretching from L.A. to London to Rome, Italy, Alex Nackman has worked tirelessly and humbly to swoon fans one by one with his British-influenced rock/alternative blend. As the BBC in London writes, "Nackman, a New Yorker, dishes acoustic fired gems." Having toured with The Roots, Norah Jones, The Pat McGee Band, Glen Phillips, Ari Hest, Josh Hoge, Cheyenne Kimball and many others on his travels, it seems as though those efforts have paid off. In this new 2006 release, SUNRISE FALLS, Alex has taken a much different approach to both songwriting and the production of sound. The use of sweeping and dramatic electric guitar parts are readily apparent in tracks like, "Hold the Line" and "Stay Where You Are." The drama and lamentation of lost love can be heard on the extremely revealing solo piano ballad (Alex's first ever) "Venice," which is the heartfelt finally of the record. The album was produced by former Pat McGee Band member Todd Wright, current Pat McGee Band guitarist Brian Fechino, and Alex himself. In addition, tracks were mixed by famed engineer Jeff Juliano (John Mayer/Dave Matthews/Lifehouse/Jason Mraz). Performances on the record include Chris Williams (drummer for Pat McGee Band), Brian Fechino (guitarist for Pat McGee Band), Todd Wright, Chris Reardon (bassist for Pat McGee Band), and of course Alex himself who plays 9 different instruments on this record. There is a true melancholy vibe throughout the album, which is unlike any of the tones heard on the previous 3 releases from Alex Nackman. Both lyrically and melodically, the mood has changed on SUNRISE FALLS. The songs are more serious and the stories are more important, more relevant, and more honest. At 23 years old, Alex Nackman has grown far beyond the days of simple 4-track recordings on a Martin guitar. There is risk and there is vulnerability displayed in SUNRISE FALLS in which fans worldwide will understand and perhaps empathize with moments after the first six words of the record are sung, "Sunrise, but just for a day..."

1.1 Stay Where You Are
1.2 Losing the Glow
1.3 Sunrise Falls
1.4 Proximity
1.5 Made You Doubt
1.6 October
1.7 Dionysus
1.8 Hold the Line
1.9 And She's Beautiful
1.10 Unlock My Gate
1.11 Holiday
1.12 Venice

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Nackman, Alex: Sunrise Falls


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