Joannides, Amos: My Name Is Amos

Amos Joannides: My Name Is Amos
Title: My Name Is Amos
Label: CD Baby

Amos first fell in love at the age of eight, and the world has been celebrating since. Pictured here with his first love, legs spread and dangling off an old country chair, torn jeans a testament to his wild country ways, this young man from the boondocks of Quebec, Canada has never turned back. The wild embrace of Amos and Guitar almost twenty years on inspired a love affair that made his fingers dance madly and his voice flirt dangerously with the gritty and the sexy. Amos Christopher Joannides took to the stage at age 15, wooing audiences at local pubs and parties with his playful smile and hand-crafted tunes. By 18 he had achieved a level of success and popularity that started an inward process of deep questioning; ' I wasn't sure if people liked me because of me, or because I was entertaining'. He decided to drop the stage and pursue a philosophical exploration of self and friendship through music, rhyme and rhythm. Amos discovered his true passion for music when he left the pub and stepped onto the plane, guitar in hand. In travels from Europe to Thailand, and endless Greyhounds throughout the United States, he came to understand that music is a master means of communication, one that blasts through doctrine and convention and unites performer and audience in mutual embrace. He saw Thai children groove to his strumming and North Carolinians plough fields to his spontaneous ditties. In time, Amos stumbled upon the healing qualities of music and vibration. The root for the word 'health' in Arabic and Hebrew, S-l-m/Sh-l-m, is also the word for peace, wholeness and integrity. Music has come to symbolize all of these things for Amos. This might be what draws his fans so close.

1.1 Far Away
1.2 My Name Is Amos
1.3 Quebec
1.4 Give It Up
1.5 Montreal
1.6 Slacking
1.7 Where Do I Go?
1.8 Better Than That
1.9 Tell Me
1.10 Message on Your Answering Machine

Joannides, Amos: My Name Is Amos

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