Arandel: Solarispellis

Arandel: Solarispellis
Title: Solarispellis
Label: Infine Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

A playful electronic musical journey evocative of Eno's MUSIC FOR FILMS, ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER, 8-bit soundtracks and prog-infused 70s synth epics; but executed with a rigorous conceptual framework worthy of John Cage or the radical film experiments of Lars Von Trier. SOLARISPELLIS is the follow up to Arandel's 2010 debut album IN D and similarly continues to be entirely in his signature key (a nod to minimalist godfather Terry Riley). from woozy electronica to emotive techno and the most vertiginous krautrock - the tempos, Moods and subjects are intertwined, covering an array of musical territories despite the uniformity of the tonic note and chord. There is a paradox to the intricate beauty of SOLARISPELLIS; an almost symphonic album recorded in the living room of a small apartment. The sounds suggest harpsichord, piano, organ or drops of water on a hot tin roof although almost every sound you hear was synthesized. There's a scholarly approach to the music but it does not require any effort on the audience's part. E.

1.1 Opening Section
1.2 Section 7
1.3 Section 11
1.4 Interlude (Variation on Section 12)
1.5 Section 9
1.6 Section 10 (1st ; 2nd Movements)
1.7 Section 13
1.8 Interlude (Variation on Section 6)
1.9 Section 12
1.10 Section 10 (3rd Movement)
1.11 Section 8
1.12 Finale Section

Arandel: Solarispellis

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