Asher: Tumults of War Will Subside

Asher: Tumults of War Will Subside
Title: Tumults of War Will Subside
Artist: Asher
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 634479106194
Genre: Rock

*** ALSO AVAILABLE is Asher's first record, the 'California' ep, released to CDBABY in 2002. Go check it out at *** *check for updates* MY SPACE- Asher is a four piece rock band made up of South African frontman [Joel] and Southern Californians [Dustin, Adam, Nick]. 'The Tumults of War Will Subside' is their first full-length record following their debut EP, 'California' back in 2002. The band draws their musical influence from bands such as Radiohead, Delirious, Coldplay, Copeland, Deathcab for Cutie and the Killers. If you like what you hear, please scroll to the bottom and leave a review. We would like that!

1.1 Intended Just for Me
1.2 The Rain
1.3 The Light
1.4 The Gracious One
1.5 January
1.6 Tomorrow Might Not Come
1.7 I Need a Smile
1.8 Can't Get Enough
1.9 Steal My Heart
1.10 Heaven's Melody
1.11 Subside

Asher: Tumults of War Will Subside


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