Aspire: Age of Reckoning

Aspire: Age of Reckoning
Title: Age of Reckoning
Artist: Aspire
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 700261202822
Genre: Heavy Metal

' of the finest Metal discs of 2006 and a worthy addition to your Metal collection.' WEST SIDE DAVE, USA. '...the best Melodic Metal album in the last years' METAL COVEN, Germany (www. Metalcoven. De). 'The Age Of Reckoning' is a wonderful piece of US Metal, including so much musical varieties, it really kicked me in the head. Don't wait to order please, otherwise you're not worth to wear the name US Metal maniac'. METAL TO INFINITY, Belgium "The Age Of Reckoning" is the second release by New York's leading Symphonic Power Metal band Aspire and it is a brilliant follow up to the highly successful debut "Quest Eternal". It's faster, more aggressive and much more Symphonic too. The arrangements and orchestrations sound more mature than before. The production is also more consistent. The lyrics are deeper and more serious, although the band was never careless about what they are writing. There are ten new tracks there - nine originals and the cover version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's and Tim Rice's "Heaven On Their Minds". Welcome to the world of Aspire, the band that gained worldwide attention with "Quest Eternal" and now presents you with "The Age Of Reckoning".

1.1 Apprehension
1.2 Burn the Witch
1.3 Repentance
1.4 Stealer of Dreams
1.5 Kynvorloc
1.6 One Last Dance
1.7 Center and Part of the Whole
1.8 Verona's Walls
1.9 Heaven on Their Minds (Jesus Christ Superstar Cover)
1.10 Fairy Tale

Aspire: Age of Reckoning


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