Assist & the Sunrunners: World Healing Words & Music

Assist and the Sunrunners: World Healing Words & Music
Title: World Healing Words & Music
Artist: Assist & the Sunrunners
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 825346992228
Genre: Children's

'Assist and The Sunrunners' is Adam Lowy and Marc Rosenberg, brothers-in-law that create children's music with a positive message set to hip hop, funk, reggae and dance. Adam has been a preschool teacher for over 15 years, is a new father, and has a special connection with children. Writing rhymes that move children's imagination is his passion. 'Assist' takes his name from the game of basketball, where assisting others is a big part of being a good player. Adam will be a father in May 2009! Marc is a father, DJ, musician and audio engineer, who has been composing electronic music for over 15 years. Marc's musical character, 'The Purple Salamander', is a whimsical reptile who plays vintage synthesizers and drum machines live on stage! You can contact Assist and The Sunrunners for info, booking, and comments studioalaluna[at] Assist and the Sunrunners are on a musical journey, so come be part of the adventure! If you want to be a Sunrunner, simply allow the rays of the music to shine down upon you and bask in the glow - stimulate your soul, move your feet, and bob your head to the beat.

1.1 If I Was a Monkey
1.2 Thumb Niggun
1.3 The Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, ; Great Big Spiders
1.4 A Perfect Piece of Fruit
1.5 Jump!
1.6 Dinosaur Knock! Knock! Shabbat Shalom
1.7 Instrumental Jammy Jam
1.8 The Giraffe Family Journey
1.9 Mah Nishtanah?

Assist & the Sunrunners: World Healing Words & Music


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