Reich, Athena: Live: Stories from the Road

Athena Reich: Live: Stories from the Road
Title: Live: Stories from the Road
Label: CD Baby

ABOUT 'STORIES FROM THE ROAD' 'Stories from the Road' is an intimate live album featuring new songs about touring, heartbreak, and scary imaginary monsters breathing outside KOA tents in Midwestern states. It's full of coffee cup clinks, unexpected laughter, and the gritty, no-holds-barred vibrato than only seems to happen in front of a live audience. This album is 'pure Athena' like no other. Intimate stage banter reveals life on the road, and the simple instrumentation (piano, electric guitar & vocals) strips her songs down to their original, raw power. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the spontaneity, beauty, and magic that can only happen live. 'Stories from the Road' was recorded live at The Free Times Café in Toronto in February 2005, and at Uncommon Ground in Chicago in April 2005. This is Athena's 4th CD album. ABOUT ATHENA: Athena Reich is an award winning singer/songwriter, actress, TV Host/Personality, Lady Gaga Impersonator and Arts Educator. She has performed and taught in schools, performance halls, colleges, and on radio & TV across North America & Europe. Athena is originally from Toronto, but is currently based out of New York City. Athena was chosen to appear in Lady Gaga's 'Edge of Glory' Google Chrome commercial which aired during the season finales of Glee, SNL, Billboard Awards and more. She has been sweeping the nation as 'renowned Lady Gaga impersonator Athena Reich' (Washington Times), and now Lady Gaga herself has taken notice. Athena's first video, LOVE IS LOVE, charted #1 on MTV's LOGO. Her 5TH CD, LITTLE GIRL DREAMS, received 5 Outmusic Award nominations and LOVE IS LOVE won Best Outstanding Pop Song of the Year 2009. Her newest video, THE LOGICAL SONG (cover of the the Roger Hodgson tune) premiered on Curve Magainze and was nominated for Video of the Year 2011 on MTV LOGO also charted for weeks in the top 10. LITTLE GIRL DREAMS was produced by the Emmy/Grammy Winning Cynthia Daniels and LOVE IS LOVE was co-written with the multi-platinum songwriter Lorraine Ferro. Athena's music is alternative pop, and can be compared to Annie Lennox, Sarah McLaughlin, and Regina Spektor. Athena has fans and friends across North America and Europe. She has performed at venues such as the Jacob Javitz Center, The Knitting Factory (NY/LA), The Railway Club (Vancouver), The Living Room (NYC), Swan Bar (Paris) & Regal Room (London). She has received countless press in newspapers, TV stations, national magazines and commercial radio such as Fox Business News, Food TV, Curve Magazine, She Magazine, Village Voice, Toronto Star, AM New York, and more. She sells 30+ CDs at her shows. She has shared the stage with Sarah McLachlan, Jim Carrey, Peaches, Janeanne Garafalo, Nellie McKay, Stephen Schwartz and more. Athena wrote the theme song for two TV pilots, LIVING IN CAPTIVIY which premiered at the ITV Fest in LA and NY Television Festival, (Athena also performed at the opening Red Carpet party at ITV Fest); and 16TH & 8TH, a soap opera camera currently being shopped to networks. As a host and arts correspondent, Athena has worked for PBS, Air America Radio, The Food Network, 103.9 FM in Toronto, and Here! TV. Her 'How To' videos on Songwriting and Acting on and have garnered millions of hits. As an actress, Athena has appeared in numerous commercials, Film, TV and Off-Broadway productions including Love Sucks at the New York Musical Theater Festival (which was adored by the NY press), Fran in The Day They Shot John Lennon and principle roles on the History Channel, CNN, etc. She won Best Comedy at Canada's YTV Achievement Awards (Judge Eugene Levy). Athena was commissioned to compose music for the play Lemon Meringue, and held the role as 'Gail, the therapist'. Most recently, Athena appeared as Juror #4 and Mr. Les Doyle in 'Where Do I Come From' at Kentucky Repertory Theater and Roy Arias in NYC. As a writer, Athena was commissioned by the Wildlife Conservation Society to write a poem for the opening of the Alien Stingers Exhibit at the NY Aquarium. As an inspirational speaker, Athena has lectured, and facilitated workshops on LGBT rights, childhood abuse, Music Marketing, and the Secrets of the Entrepreneurial Spirit. Athena's sense of humor, insight, ability to connect with all ages, and overflowing talent continues to touch lives internationally. SELECT PRESS 'Underexposed Intriguing Indie Upstart Athena Reich ' Village Voice 2007 "Athena's songs take you places only the spirit goes. She's wonderful. What a joy". Jerry Springer, Air America Radio "If she doesn't have you laughing hysterically at the banter, you'll be sobbing into your sour-apple martini with her brutally honest lyrics and a voice to die for" HX Magazine.

1.1 Ballad of Chicken Shower
1.2 Money Whore
1.3 Bogey Man
1.4 Trouble
1.5 Athena, Wake Up!
1.6 Anarchy
1.7 Two Matchsticks
1.8 Back to Canada
1.9 How Can I Sleep?
1.10 Bones
1.11 Mr. Fly
1.12 Duality in D
1.13 Contra*Dick*Tions
1.14 White Bandages

Reich, Athena: Live: Stories from the Road

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