Audrey: Ain't No Grave

Audrey: Ain&
Title: Ain't No Grave
Label: CD Baby

Audrey would love to tell you all the venues she\'s played, the radio stations she\'s been on, and the scores of myspace hits she gets everyday. But she wouldn\'t quite be telling the truth. The world just doesn\'t know her too well. Yet. So, instead, she will simply tell you that after a few years of playing in her beloved San Francisco scene and two years of writing sessions with Producer Max Butler, she has an album. And a pretty darn great one. If God gives her the honor to move and inspire anyone, she is grateful. So, buy an album and make her day. (And send her a message here on CD Baby to tell her who you are!)

1.1 Friend of Sinners
1.2 Once Upon a Time
1.3 I Wanna Know My Name
1.4 Summer's Time
1.5 I Chose Paris
1.6 That Night Was the Day
1.7 Just So You Know
1.8 You ; I
1.9 Ain't No Grave

Audrey: Ain't No Grave

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