Aviva: Songs for Carmen

Aviva: Songs for Carmen
Title: Songs for Carmen
Artist: Aviva
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 133023812203
Genre: International

Aviva is an up-and-coming mezzo-soprano who fuses Flamenco, Classical, Electronic and Arabic music, and sings in Ladino, a form of Spanish spoken by the Jewish people of Spain. Each piece is an exquisite tale of love, sorrow, and yearning and reflects a time when the cultural and artistic alliances of Jews and Muslims flourished throughout the Southern Spain. Aviva's debut album, Songs For Carmen, is inspired by the mythical Sephardic Jew made famous by George Bizet's internationally acclaimed opera, Carmen. Produced in the world's most culturally diverse city, Songs For Carmen features some of the most renowned Mediterranean musicians in New York, including Victor Prieto (Victor Prieto Trio) on accordion, Harel Shachal (Anistar) on sax, clarinet and ney, Dan Nadel (Sarah Aroeste, Chico Freeman) on flamenco guitar, and Satoshi Takeishi (Eddie Gomez, Nestor Torres) on drums and percussion. Songs for Carmen will be the first release by the young opera singer, who has performed at New York City Opera and was the winner of both the George London Award and the Fritz and Lavinia Jensen Foundation award.

1.1 Adio Querida
1.2 Madre Mia Si Mi Muero
1.3 ¿Ken Es Esto?
1.4 Una Pastora
1.5 Nani, Nani
1.6 Como la Rosa en la Guerta
1.7 L Amor
1.8 La Torre Intro
1.9 La Torre
1.10 Yo Hanino, Tu Hanina
1.11 Mitil Elwerdeti Fil Hadiqati

Aviva: Songs for Carmen


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