Samouha, Aylon: Rockwell Sessions

Aylon Samouha: Rockwell Sessions
Title: Rockwell Sessions
Artist: Samouha, Aylon
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 837101421522
Genre: Jazz

Aylon has been studying and playing jazz in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago for the past decade. He was largely self-taught until meeting Ted Greene with whom Aylon studied for many years. From Brazilian to bop to solo pieces, listeners are drawn to Aylon's versatility and accessibility for a range of audiences. Aylon currently lives in Chicago and continues to bring curiosity, humility, and enthusiasm to his playing.

1.1 Pentup House - Aylon Samouha, Rollins, Sonny
1.2 Stardust - Aylon Samouha, Carmichael, Hoagy
1.3 Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues Are - Aylon Samouha, Monk, Thelonious
1.4 Makin Whoopee - Aylon Samouha, Kahn, Gus
1.5 Crazy - Aylon Samouha, Nelson, Willie
1.6 Corcovado - Aylon Samouha, Jobim, Tom
1.7 Sister - Aylon Samouha, Jones, Quincy
1.8 Desafinado - Aylon Samouha, Jobim, Tom
1.9 Insensatez. Recorda Bossa - Aylon Samouha, Jobim
1.10 Medicao. Vivo Sonhando - Aylon Samouha, Jobim, Tom
1.11 Wave - Aylon Samouha, Jobim, Tom
1.12 Prelude to a Kiss - Aylon Samouha, Ellington, Duke
1.13 Naguine - Aylon Samouha, Reinhardt, Django
1.14 My Funny Valentine - Aylon Samouha, Rodgers, Richard
1.15 Tenderly

Samouha, Aylon: Rockwell Sessions


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