Balletto Di Bronzo: Sirio 222

Balletto Di Bronzo: Sirio 222
Title: Sirio 222
Label: Lion Productions

Digitally remastered edition of this 1970 cult classic. Raw-edged heavy rock, fronted by Lino Ajello's powerful electric guitars, channeling the dark, jagged energy of Jimmy Page, Adrian Gurvitz, and Jeff Beck. Il Ballet to Di Bronzo absorbed their influences (Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, the Yardbirds), but moved from there into an inspired, hard-edged musical space; the band's overwhelming power and great melodies make them irresistible. 'Un posto' and 'Neve Calda' are centered around simple but effective guitar riffs. 'Eh eh ah ah' starts like a nice mellow ballad, but gets into a hard blues rock groove. On side two, there's the seven-minute mammoth heavy grind of 'Incantesimo' and the colossal 'Missione Sirio 2222,' almost ten minutes of droning acid rock with whirling guitars and heavy pounding drums, sandwiched between an acoustic intro and out. No wonder Nurse with Wound cited Il Ballet to Di Bronzo as an influence.

1.1 Un Posto
1.2 Eh Eh Ah Ah
1.3 Neve Calda
1.4 Ma Ti Aspetter
1.5 Meditazione
1.6 Girotondo
1.7 Incantesimo
1.8 Ti Risveglierai Con Me
1.9 Missione Sirio 2222

Balletto Di Bronzo: Sirio 222

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