Beautiful Nubia: Awilele

Beautiful Nubia: Awilele
Title: Awilele
Artist: Beautiful Nubia
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 775020606227
Genre: International

'One of the best things to have happened to contemporary music in Nigeria... a rare creator of rich sounds and a gifted performer.' (Steve Ayorinde, The Punch, January 21, 2005) 'Nigeria's King of Melody!' (Chux Ohai, National Mirror, September 1, 2006) Lush vocals, evocative drumming, robust horns and a tight arrangement define this, the fourth music album by Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band. Complete with the occasional whistle or hiss, this full vintage analogue recording lays out the bare, beautiful soul of a supremely gifted artist in 14 original songs. Should you get up and dance? Should you sit down and listen? Whichever you choose, it is impossible to miss the deep messages in these songs. Beautiful Nubia asks all of us to search within ourselves to find the human spirit that is the essence of us all. He asks us to look beyond faith and gender, beyond face and colour, to make an effort to spread love, joy and understanding wherever we go or live. He asks us to find the strength to speak out against corrupt, selfish leadership, against immorality, greed, and debauchery in high places. He asks the community to seek regeneration and growth through the rebirth of the individual, for every one has a share in the blame for the failure of society. In this collection of songs so full of conscience, wisdom and wit, he asks us to tarry a while and reflect on what true brotherhood should mean. He also encourages us to enjoy this precious gift of life. This is a recording by a gifted artist, a master lyricist, and a soulful musician at the top of his game, backed by some of the most promising musicians and singers in Nigeria at the moment. Music so full of joy, and the occasional melancholy, you can feel it deep in your soul! Welcome, once again, to the groove of Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band.

1.1 Intro - Iba F'olojo
1.2 Awilele
1.3 S'o Wa Pa?
1.4 Ominira
1.5 E K'omo L'ede
1.6 Ma Fo'ya
1.7 Come, Warrior
1.8 Awon Agba
1.9 Matters Arising
1.10 Oke Bola
1.11 Each Time You Turn
1.12 Oruko Rere
1.13 Lekeleke
1.14 O Ya O!

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Beautiful Nubia: Awilele


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