Bedlam: Bedlamitez Rize

Bedlam: Bedlamitez Rize
Title: Bedlamitez Rize
Artist: Bedlam
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 809070984520
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

1.1 Intro
1.2 Nuclear Summer
1.3 Rivers of Sleep
1.4 Check the Children W/ Mike E Clark
1.5 It's Murder Again
1.6 Hellraiser
1.7 Don't Know Ya W/Mastamind of Natas
1.8 Blood Red
1.9 Voices
1.10 Unholy
1.11 Enjoy Life W/Esham
1.12 In Love with the Dead
1.13 My Mind Says (W/Mastamind ; Lavel)
1.14 Feel Em from the Grave
1.15 A.M.K.R
1.16 Bedlamitez Rize
1.17 #9
1.18 Destined 2 B Heard
1.19 Things Ain't the Same 4 a Gangsta
1.20 Ozma/? F. Ghetto Devil
1.21 Murder the World
1.22 Zero Hour F. Sadist and Defekt
1.23 Pray Wit the Candlesticks
1.24 The Exorcist
1.25 Drink the Blood, Eat the Flesh
1.26 Confessions
1.27 Kill the Priest (Feat. Mad Insanity)
1.28 Fallen Angels
1.29 Burn the Cross
1.30 Blasphame
1.31 Fantasies
1.32 Pray Wit the Candlesticks Part II (Feat. Lu Cipha)
1.33 Ashes to Ashes
1.34 Holywater
1.35 Taken Down Through There
1.36 Slaughterhouse (Feat. Raw Society)
1.37 The Otherside
1.38 Jake (Feat. Raw Society)
1.39 Canusaveme
1.40 Something 2 Ride 2 (Feat. Raw Society)
1.41 Learn to Fly
1.42 Callin' Me Pt. 2
1.43 Who's Gonna Die Tonight (Feat. Raw Society)
1.44 Slay the Hook
1.45 Ignite It
1.46 Family Ties (Feat. Bob E. Nite)
1.47 Just Like That (Feat. Raw Society)
1.48 So Young (Feat. Raw Society)
1.49 Gotta Get Her (Feat. Raw Society)
1.50 F*CK the Police (Feat. Menacide)

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Bedlam: Bedlamitez Rize


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