Before the Rain: Hitchin to Santa Fe

Before the Rain: Hitchin to Santa Fe
Title: Hitchin to Santa Fe
Artist: Before the Rain
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 664409151529
Genre: Jazz

'Hitchin' to Santa Fe' is an eclectic collection of songs by aggressive world-beat jazz band Before the Rain. The songs run the gamut from free jazz (Skinwalker, The Bone Game) to folk (Legends of the Three Legged Coyote, Friday by the Railroad Tracks) to Latin (Wichita Tango, Saved By Friends) to world-beat (Bayati Blues, Postcards from Sarajevo, Cry of the Wounded Healer) and levels between. 'Hitchin' to Santa Fe' is our earliest exploration of world musical elements and world instruments (the tar, the brolka, the svirel, the djembe, Navajo Flute, dumbek and others...) The musicians in this group come from a variety of backgrounds, including blues, rock and jazz, and we are finding the music of the world a unifying factor, although this album is truly rooted in jazz. A great deal of the content is improvisational. It is the gateway to our future projects, which will be even more heavily influenced by cultural sounds.

1.1 Bayati Blues
1.2 One Thing Leads to Another (Forever in a Circle)
1.3 Pictures of Before
1.4 Hitchin' to Santa Fe
1.5 Legends of the Three Legged Coyote
1.6 Wichita Tango
1.7 Secret Bells of Time
1.8 Skinwalker
1.9 Cry of the Wounded Healer
1.10 Friday By the Railroad Tracks
1.11 Walking Together in the Snow
1.12 Postcards from Sarajevo
1.13 Sad-Eyed Friend Intro
1.14 Sad-Eyed Friend and An Angel
1.15 Saved By Friends
1.16 The Bone Game
1.17 Portrits of Cynthia

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Before the Rain: Hitchin to Santa Fe


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