Wood, Beth Fitchet: Angel on My Shoulder

Beth Fitchet Wood: Angel on My Shoulder
Title: Angel on My Shoulder
Artist: Wood, Beth Fitchet
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 837101129589
Genre: Jazz

Beth Fitchet Wood is a singer, guitarist, composer and producer. In the early seventies, she was a member of the Southern California band 'Honk' who developed a cult following, released three albums and toured nationally. After Honk, Beth played in just about every conceivable musical format, in most venues. No casinos. She also toured the world as a background singer and co-producer of projects with her husband Steve. This project was conceived in Slovenia, inspired by Slafrock (stringrock), a wonderful group of musicians assembled by Andrej Sifrer. The instrumentation is unique. Violin, viola, cello and accordion provide the underpinnings for sparse, intimate arrangements of pop songs. Beth includes many of her old favorites, some staples of her repertoire and some songs she felt had been unjustly ignored. Other than this effort, Beth has recorded and co-produced two children's cassettes, with her co-Honk members Will Brady and her husband, Steve Wood. She recorded an album with her girls group 'The Girls' entitled 'That's What Dreams are For', and another one with her guys group 'Zero Ted' mysteriously entitled 'Sacred Cow'. She also sings and plays in the studio, on IMAX films, Kenny Loggins CD's, Hilary Stagg CD's and even a part on Jackson Browne's 'Late for the Sky'.

1.1 Lover's Question
1.2 Angel on My Shoulder
1.3 Circles in Sand
1.4 Close to You
1.5 Must Be Love/Spanish Harlem
1.6 Buckeyed Jim
1.7 Talk to Me
1.8 All This Love
1.9 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
1.10 Raindrops'
1.11 Somewhere Over the Rainbow
1.12 There's a Light
1.13 Their World
1.14 Babington
1.15 Prisms
1.16 White Rainbow
1.17 Alaska Flight
1.18 Aurora/Final Montage

Wood, Beth Fitchet: Angel on My Shoulder


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