Burke, Billie Estate: Let Your Heart Break

Billie Burke Estate: Let Your Heart Break
Title: Let Your Heart Break
Artist: Burke, Billie Estate
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 700261228679
Genre: Rock

'As good as thoughtful pop music gets. Better even.' - Alan Haber, Buhdge 'One of the best pop albums made in the 21st century so far...' - John Book, The Run-off Groove 'If you love inventive, well-crafted, upbeat pop, this is a no-brainer purchase.' - Colin Meeks, Indie Launchpad 'The richness of the songs continues to amaze throughout the album...I highly recommend this release.' - Aaron Kupferberg, Powerpopaholic 'A wonderful and smart album...' - Hillary Brown, Flagpole The Billie Burke Estate celebrates ambitious smart pop. Inspired by the adventurous free spirit of the Beatles and Nilsson, the literate songcraft of Randy Newman and Elvis Costello, and the soulful compassion of Cat Stevens and Stevie Wonder, the Billie Burke Estate makes music that is cinematic, emotionally resonant, and has more hooks than a tackle shop. The brainchild of Seattle singer-songwriter Andy Liotta, BBE is the product of a decade of patient craftsmanship and mad science, developing a sound that is succinct, unpredictable and fun. Rolling Stone endorsed the result, writing that "Liotta tops off studied pop-rock craft with homespun charm and a big dollop of sunshine: Seventies-style piano pop with melodies upfront...and bright hooks." 'Let Your Heart Break' is the second album from the Billie Burke Estate, a dynamic collection of surprising pop songs that are inventive and deeply imagined. From the manic enthusiasm of "99 Liberty Lane" to the bitter disappointment of "Dreams Come True," from the gentle perversion of "Perky Muscle Girl" to the life-affirming redemption of the title track, the songs paint vivid portraits and deliver unexpected delights. The clear production and groovy arrangements showcase the range of Liotta's vocals, strong but empathic, vulnerable yet assured. The twelve well-paced tracks come together into an album that's compulsively easy to listen to from start to finish, and this is music that rewards repeat listening: the real world is lurking here in all it's magical familiarity.

1.1 99 Liberty Lane
1.2 I Want U
1.3 Everybody's Gonna Die
1.4 Perky Muscle Girl
1.5 Hold on
1.6 Like I See You
1.7 I Can Float
1.8 Skin
1.9 Dreams Come True
1.10 Little Maisy
1.11 Goodbye
1.12 Let Your Heart Break

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Burke, Billie Estate: Let Your Heart Break


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