Bix Beiderbecke: Bix and Tram

Bix Beiderbecke: Bix and Tram
Title: Bix and Tram
Label: JSP Records

These remastered recordings attest to Bix's timelessness. We draw mainly on OKeh recordings made between 1927 and 1929. Bix was born in Davenport IA, in 1903. His pianist mother nurtured his musical gifts. A music teacher advised against formal tuition. Bix later regretted his lack of basic grounding. Inspired by Original Dixieland Jazz Band records, the teenage Bix acquired a cornet on which he forged his unique sound. Unhappy, his parents sent Bix to an academy near Chicago. Ironically, the Windy City at the time was the headquarters of jazz. King Oliver was in town with his Creole jazz Band featuring Louis Armstrong and elsewhere the New Orleans Rhythm Kings supplied extra inspiration. Bix soon made his musical mark on the campus circuit. Expulsion from the academy followed, and he turned pro. In 1923 he joined The Wolverine Orchestra and made his recording debut. In New York with the band, Bix met Frank Trumbauer. Bix, Tram and Miff Mole united for a recording session in October 1924. Issued as by The Sioux City Six, these sides announced Bix and Tram's musical allianceThey worked and recorded with Jean Goldkette's Orchestra and formed a splinter group for a season in 1926. The band was a magnet for aspiring musicians of the Chicago school. We pick up Bix's discography from it's midway point, as his studio career entered it's most productive phase. Bix later joined Paul Whiteman - the most prized 'hot trumpet' seat of the era. His two years with the band were dogged by alcohol-induced illness. He died from pneumonia in August 1931. Since his death, Bix has continued to influence jazz cornettists. Louis Armstrong observed, Ain't none of them play like him yet. Frank Trumbauer's career has been overshadowed by Bix's but his contribution to jazz is lasting. At a period when the saxophone was trying to find a niche as a valid jazz instrument, Tram, playing the C-melody model gave it status. He directly inspired altoist Benny Carter and the tenorman Lester Young.

1.1 Trumbology (Disc 01)
1.2 Clarinet Marmalade
1.3 Singin' the Blues
1.4 Ostrich Walk
1.5 Riverboat Shuffle
1.6 I'm Coming Virginia
1.7 Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
1.8 For No Reason at All in C
1.9 Three Blind Mice
1.10 Blue River
1.11 There's a Cradle in Caroline
1.12 Wringin' and Twistin'
1.13 Humpty Dumpty
1.14 Krazy Kat
1.15 Baltimore
1.16 There Ain't No Land Like Dixieland to Me
1.17 There's a Cradle in Caroline
1.18 Just An Hour of Love
1.19 I'm Wonderin' Who
1.20 At the Jazz Band Ball (Disc 02)
1.21 Royal Garden Blues
1.22 Jazz Me Blues
1.23 Goose Pimples
1.24 Sorry
1.25 Crying All Day
1.26 A Good Man Is Hard to Find
1.27 Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down
1.28 Sugar
1.29 There'll Come a Time
1.30 Jubilee
1.31 Mississippi Mud
1.32 Our Bungalow of Dreams
1.33 Lila
1.34 Borneo
1.35 My Pet
1.36 Somebody Stole My Gal
1.37 Thou Swell
1.38 Thou Swell
1.39 Bless You Sister (Disc 03)
1.40 Dusky Stevedore
1.41 Ol' Man River
1.42 Wa Da Da
1.43 Take Your Tomorrow
1.44 Love Affairs
1.45 Rhythm King
1.46 Louisiana
1.47 Margie
1.48 The Love Nest
1.49 The Japanese Sandman
1.50 High Up on a Hilltop
1.51 Sentimental Baby
1.52 Futuristic Rhythm
1.53 Raisin' the Roof
1.54 Louise
1.55 Wait Till You See 'Ma Cherie"
1.56 Baby Won't You Please Come Home
1.57 No One Can Take Your Place
1.58 I Like That
1.59 Georgia Blues (Disc 04)
1.60 Lost My Baby Blues
1.61 Blue River
1.62 In a Mist
1.63 I'm More Than Satisified
1.64 I'm More Than Satisified
1.65 Clorinda
1.66 Clorinda
1.67 Three Blind Mice
1.68 Three Blind Mice
1.69 My Pet
1.70 Singin' the Blues
1.71 What a Day!
1.72 Alabammy Snow
1.73 Nobody But You
1.74 Gotta Feelin' for You
1.75 Shivery Stomp
1.76 Reachin' for Someone
1.77 Manhattan Rag
1.78 Manhattan Rag
1.79 Break It Down
1.80 China Boy
1.81 In a Mist

Bix Beiderbecke: Bix and Tram

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