Lynne, Bj: Soothe

Bjorn Lynne: Soothe
Title: Soothe
Artist: Lynne, Bj
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 634479024443
Genre: New Age

Bjørn Lynne writes music that touches the spirit and inspires the mind. From soaring melodic space journeys to tranquil nature scenes, Bjørn takes inspiration from the world around us and the universe in which we exist. He was born and grew up in the Nordic country of Norway. He moved to the UK in 1995 to embark on a music carreer which has seen him compose and produce music for literally hundreds of TV programs, exhibitions, multimedia productions, games, installations, videos, etc. Having gone 'full circle' and released a number of CD albums on various English, Germany, American and Italian record labels, he has returned to the source and now publishes his albums on his own personal label, LynneMusic. Bjorn has written some of the most downloaded music tracks on the internet, has been a Winner in the Make-A-Star contest, distributed world wide on compilation CDs, been 'featured artist of the month' in Keyboard Magazine, set up his own music licensing web site, had his music turned into a live Musical ('Sarah'), composed relaxation music mixed in 5.1 surround for playback on a standard DVD player connected to a surround sound system, played in bands and done just about everything in between. ----------- Reviews for 'Soothe' ----------- 'At the end of a stressful day, nothing is more recommended than listening to 'Soothe'. This music is highly relaxing and you can feel it gently flowing, carrying your spirit far away from this troubled world. Patrick O'Hearn's funs will be delighted to listen to this wonderful music. ' - Mircea Eugen Maritiu, Canada ----------- 'In these eight themes of atmospheric Ambient Music, Bjorn Lynne takes the audience through a musical voyage along the heavenly shores. All the pieces are a clear sample of the talent of the artist. 'Lucid Dreams' has an incomparable magic. 'Sun Willow' is most remarkable because of it's great strength. 'The True You' has a very special emotional warmth. The music is slow, yet not static, and has a certain rhythmic structure. With respect to the instruments used, the synthesizers have quite a leading role. Spontaneity and sensibility would perhaps be the most adequate words to refer to this work. ' - Pascual Jurado, Amazing Sounds Magazine ----------- 'This work by Bjorn Lynne is a beautiful space odyssey based on the use of synthesizers, ideal to let imagination soar through unearthly worlds. The cosmic style present in the album is melodic and symphonic, often with spectacular orchestrations with synthesizers and a certain romantic character though it doesn't fall into an excessive sweetness. If the audience pays an adequate attention, don't wonder if you feel the entire starry universe open up before your eyes.' - Virginia Tamayo, Spain ----------- 'I have been (rather belatedly) getting into Harold Budd and Brian Eno recently, and 'Soothe' brings to mind both of these artists - maybe not quite so abstract as some of Eno's sound landscapes, but a relaxing journey through time and space nonetheless. Inspiring and highly recommended.' - Mark Lamb, England ----------- 'This music is nothing short of magnificent!! It is extremely soothing and relaxing. It's downright awesome. I love it. This crazy world needs to march to this one & it would calm down and live again. It's better than a drink, a good nights sleep, medication or anything else I can think of to take the edge off a stressful day and help us escape to somewhere far away. There are not enough words to describe it!! Thank you for sharing it with the world! We need more like it!' - S.E. Bradley, USA.

1.1 Sun Willow
1.2 Time to Breathe
1.3 Butterfly
1.4 Lucid Dreams
1.5 The True You
1.6 Blissful Moments
1.7 Age of Tranquility
1.8 Soothe

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Lynne, Bj: Soothe


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