Blue Cactus Choir: Once in a Bluegrass Moon

Blue Cactus Choir: Once in a Bluegrass Moon
Title: Once in a Bluegrass Moon
Artist: Blue Cactus Choir
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 766897665820
Genre: Country

Try to imagine Mexican gut string guitar laying down next to bluegrass banjo with harmony soaring out over the sunset and you'd be getting close to Blue Cactus Choir .... Marty Atkinson's wanderings took him from Ontario Canada, to California and then to Mexico....... Katy Boyd grew up on a diet of American and Irish Folk music (songs of murder, infidelity, and silver daggers). Two very different backgrounds and two voices that dance as easily around each other's harmonies and melodies as the moon dances in the eyes of two teenagers. Some quotes: "Country fan or not, you can't deny that this beautiful and smoothly blended CD, with the lyricism and touching melodies of James Taylor, is above and beyond the norm of today's country pop. Whether you like your country tangy and twangy or just honestly reflective of the down-home wonders of simple livin', Cactus Choir Lightly brushes over CSNY harmonies, the old, 70's Kenny Loggins nostalgia and classic rock magic to please most everyone. " CDBaby? '...could very well be one of Americana's top new voices!' Chuck Dauphin for the Nashville Music News  "Paper Hearts" is the best Americana CD I've heard in many years....Very recommended' Roots Revival Belgium "Boyd is one of those golden low key fires that burns like the original Chanukah candles.  Practically a distaff Billy Joe Shaver, this is some of the meatiest songwriting this side of Townes Van Zandt." Chris Spector, MIDWEST RECORD - CHICAGO, IL "Marty is the Brian Wilson of country music and I declare katy the female pendant of Lyle Lovett, as a writer and singer!!" Thomm Jutz, Nashville TN.

1.1 Blue Moon Over Mexico
1.2 Avalon
1.3 A Cat Called Ginger and a Dog Called Fred Astaire
1.4 Where I Don't Belong
1.5 Southern Bird
1.6 Going Home
1.7 All I Can See Is You
1.8 I Wish You Were Mine
1.9 Blind Date at Juanit's
1.10 Don't Send Me Flowers
1.11 Heartbreak City
1.12 It's Your Move
1.13 Hey Grandpa
1.14 Love in the Emergency Room
1.15 Gonna Be Alright
1.16 Lucy Lu
1.17 Cinderella
1.18 Dad's Song
1.19 Sweet Love
1.20 Gravity
1.21 Golden Sun

Blue Cactus Choir: Once in a Bluegrass Moon


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