Bright Red Universe: Chaos Theory

Bright Red Universe: Chaos Theory
Title: Chaos Theory
Artist: Bright Red Universe
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 783707449227
Genre: Rock

Bright Red Universe is a female fronted rock band based in Los Angeles. The band takes the traditional guitar-bass-drums format and turns it into something completely new and yet reassuringly familiar. Top songwriting and intelligent lyrics meld seamlessly with the aggressive music and soaring vocals. Upon extra listening the songs reveal additional layers and meanings which makes the music even more rewarding as time goes by. BRU will also slip in a progressive section at times; they may slam it out with full punk fury; they made drop in a ballad with a heartbreaking vocal. Nevertheless it will always bear the unmistakable stamp of a band that exemplifies songwriting and performing integrity.

1.1 Are You There?
1.2 Big Plan
1.3 I Deserve It
1.4 Twist
1.5 Love
1.6 Beat the System
1.7 River of Love
1.8 Imagine Yourself
1.9 Philosophy
1.10 Faster
1.11 Casual
1.12 Gentlemen
1.13 All You Need Is?

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Bright Red Universe: Chaos Theory


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