Bring Me the Horizon: Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set

Bring Me the Horizon: Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set
Title: Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set
Label: Ada UK Labels
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited edition five vinyl LP box set by the British Metalcore band. This set includes the THIS IS WHAT THE EDGE OF YOUR SEAT WAS MADE FOR EP as well as the full length albums COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, SUICIDE SEASON and THERE IS a HELL, BELIEVE ME I'VE SEEN IT, THERE IS a HEAVEN, LET'S KEEP IT a SECRET. Includes collectable art prints one of each album front cover and one of the box-set cover, designed by bandleader Oli Sykes.

1.1 They Have No Reflections
1.2 Who Wants Flowers When You're Dead? Nobody
1.3 Rawwwrr!!
1.4 Traitors Never Play Hang-Man
2.1 Pray for Plagues
2.2 Tell Slater Not to Wash His Dick
2.3 For Stevie Wonder's Eyes Only
2.4 A Lot Like Vegas
2.5 Black ; Blue
2.6 Slow Dance
2.7 Liquor ; Love Lost
2.8 (I Used to Make Out with) Medusa
2.9 Fifteen Fathoms, Counting
2.10 Off the Heezay
3.1 The Comedown
3.2 Chelsea Smile
3.3 It Was Written in Blood
3.4 Death Breath
3.5 Football Season Is Over
3.6 Sleep with One Eye Open
3.7 Diamonds Aren't Forever
3.8 The Sadness Will Never End
3.9 No Need for Introductions, I've Read About Girls Like You on the Backs of Toilet Doors
3.10 Suicide Season
4.1 Crucify Me
4.2 Anthem
4.3 It Never Ends
4.4 F*#k
4.5 Don't Go
4.6 Home Sweet Hole
4.7 Alligator Blood
4.8 Visions
4.9 Blacklist
4.10 Memorial
4.11 Blessed with a Curse
4.12 The Fox and the Wolf

Bring Me the Horizon: Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set

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