Buck Pryor: Collection of Stones

Buck Pryor: Collection of Stones
Title: Collection of Stones
Label: CD Baby

This CD contains previously unreleased experimental material - approximately 65 minutes of music. There are 6 songs from an acoustic EP recorded in 2002 called The Ghost CD. Five other songs are from an EP recorded in 1999 called Heavy Highway. Those songs have full-band instrumentaion and are pretty sublime sounding. The 4-track stuff is digitally edited and sounds very clean.

1.1 Emerald Parade
1.2 Stones
1.3 Hesitate
1.4 Devil Baby
1.5 As I Sleep
1.6 See Tomorrow
1.7 Koi
1.8 Volume Ambulance
1.9 Hurrah for Earl
1.10 Jimmy's Out West
1.11 Heavy Highway
1.12 Sweetest She (Reprise)
1.13 Wave Never Wins
1.14 Whales with Wings (Theme from)
1.15 Baby Sharpshooter
1.16 Reyna
1.17 Let Us Go
1.18 Angles
1.19 90 Degrees in Florida (Reprise)
1.20 Feigning Shyness
1.21 Feigning Shyness

Buck Pryor: Collection of Stones


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