C. Franck: Symphony in D minor / Psyche

C. Franck: Symphony in D minor / Psyche
Title: Symphony in D minor / Psyche
Label: Brilliant Classics

Among Barenboim's most notable recordings in Chicago were of symphonies by Schumann, Bruckner and Saint-Saëns: composers of great relevance when considering the heady, Franco-German aesthetic of the Belgian composer-organist César Franck. Franck was, of course, first and foremost a Wagner epigone, who translated the German master's heady chromaticism into clouds of musical incense. The Symphony is a three-movement work of continuous development and long threads of melody. Psyché is a multi-movement tone-poem telling an erotic story of Classical legend. The complete version includes obligatory wordless female chorus (think Ravel's Daphnis and Piernés Cydalise et le Chèvre-pied, as well as Debussy's Nocturnes). This version, as is commonly done, shaves off the choral movements.

1.1 Symphony in D minor, Op. 48: 1. Lento - Allegro Non Troppo
1.2 Symphony in D minor, Op. 48: 2. Allegretto - Poco Più Lento - Tempo 1
1.3 Symphony in D minor, Op. 48: 3. Allegro Non Troppo
1.4 Psyché Suite, for Orchestra: 1. Sommeil de Psyché: Lento
1.5 Psyché Suite, for Orchestra: 2. Psyché Enlevée Par Les Zéphyrs: Allegro Vivo
1.6 Psyché Suite, for Orchestra: 3. Les Jardins D'éros: Poco Animato - Un Peu Plus Large
1.7 Psyché Suite, for Orchestra: 4. Psyché Et Éros: Allegretto Modéré

C. Franck: Symphony in D minor / Psyche

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