Cameilyun: Return of the Baddness

Cameilyun: Return of the Baddness
Title: Return of the Baddness
Artist: Cameilyun
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 707541797023
Genre: Soul/R & B

Hometown Des Moines Ia. First Release Cameilyun is a practicing artist in his hometown, and has chosen music to express himself for this project. As a dancer and visual artist he brings to his music the energy and creativity of those art forms to music. Influenced by the greats (Stevie Wonder, Funkidelic, Patti LaBelle, Earth Wind And Fire, ect), he seeks to find his own musicl voice to express the emotions of life, uniquely creating a soundtrack of shared experiences.

1.1 T.V. (Prologue)
1.2 Dah Loops
1.3 Pluto
1.4 The Vibe
1.5 Kick Back
1.6 I'm All Jacked Up
1.7 The Return of the Prodigal Son
1.8 Dance the Vibe
1.9 Moody
1.10 Another Day
1.11 H.D.T.V. (Epilogue)

Cameilyun: Return of the Baddness


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