Ames, Carolann: So Long Abilene

Carolann Ames: So Long Abilene
Title: So Long Abilene
Artist: Ames, Carolann
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 837101412094
Genre: Country

Given how the current glut of Americana artists has devalued the field to sub-prime mortgage crisis levels, to come across one that restores your faith in the genre is some kind of miracle. San Diego's Carolann Ames is a born faith healer. The Grand Prize winner in the 2004 John Lennon Songwriting Contest, she's touched by angels as her rich, supple voice (a cross between Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris and Shania Twain) soars skyward. But in such confessional numbers as the strummy '70s pop of 'Broken Down Dream,' countryish desert-rocker 'Lavender Sky' and the bluegrass flavored 'Bridgewater Creek' you can tell she's done a lot of livin' and probably a fair share of sinnin', too. Backed by a sharp crew of players (secret weapon: fiddler Melissa Harley), Ames traverses the Americana spectrum without repeating herself a single time, and it's this journey she takes you on that'll be your ticket to heaven. By Fred Mills, Harp Magazine Editor March/April 2008 "A most refreshing wordsmith/songwriter whose time has come ...Americana lives! Douglas Rowe, Acoustic Avenue WNKU 89.7 Public Radio Her creative sonic flamboyance is rare and creates a roots-based sound that is both distinctive and radio-friendly. All 12 songs on this CD have something special to offer with Carolann's rich, expressive vocals and vibrant instrumentation. "Almost Lucky", "Broken Down Dream" and "Lavender Sky" all illustrate an unusual outlook regarding life on the road and are immediately unforgettable. The moody and intense "I remain", written about the sudden death of Carolann's father, showcases her unique style and sonic approach.

1.1 Almost Lucky
1.2 Broken Down Dream
1.3 Love Is a Wildfire
1.4 7th Avenue
1.5 So Long Abilene
1.6 Lavender Sky
1.7 Bridgewater Creek
1.8 Cheyenne
1.9 Answer the Door
1.10 Where to Now St. Peter?
1.11 I Remain
1.12 Letting Go

Ames, Carolann: So Long Abilene


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