Chaitanya: Ark of Love

Chaitanya: Ark of Love
Title: Ark of Love
Label: CD Baby

Immerse yourself in a Synergy of Heart and Spirit, Exuberance and Grace as your soul drinks deeply from this well of truth and happiness. This album is a journey that ranges from meditative to exuberant. It's song styles range from the unabashed simplicity of gorgeous vocals and guitar to get-up-and-dance salsa, to lush, expansive textures. Devotional mantras & bhajans from Sanskrit and Sikh kirtan mingle with a dash of lyrical, soulful English in the title song. This album is a radiant child. Listen, sing, be blessed!

1.1 Adi Shakti
1.2 Sita Ram Salsa
1.3 Prelude to Mangalam
1.4 Mangalam
1.5 Gobinday Mukunday
1.6 Ark of Love
1.7 Shiva Temple Tandava
1.8 Kshama Prarthana

Chaitanya: Ark of Love

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