Chants To Retreat: From Darkness to Light

Chants to Retreat: From Darkness to Light
Title: From Darkness to Light
Artist: Chants To Retreat
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884501695565
Genre: Easy Listening

Haunting. Lyrical. Heartfelt. Freeing. Soothing. That's what comes to mind when you listen to Chants To Retreat. For years, vocalist and yogi Trish Elting had dreamed in cello. Following her inner guidance, she finally broke down and brought one home from the local music store. Had she played before? No. Did she know how to play? No. But she knew music and she knew how to find a teacher. That's when she turned to local musician and cellist Michael Harte. After just a few months, the two quickly discovered their mutual love for music, improvisation, exploration and lyric expression. When they decided to head into a local studio, Chants To Retreat was born. Grounded in Vedic chant, Chants To Retreat explores the energies and rhythms of the story of chant. Using layered vocals, improvisational technique and musical interplay, these two harmoniously blend to create a unique lyric vision of a very ancient practice. Their inaugural effort uses the Asatoma chant. 'From the first time I heard the chant, I just loved it. The lovely tune, the simple universal message, it all spoke to me. I immediately wanted to know the chant by heart and share it.' It's said that music can shift your perspective, change your mood, and calm your system. Chants To Retreat does all that and more. So, drop into your yoga duds, kick back on your cot, pop a CD into your car player, or just let this soothing ride play in the background. Chants To Retreat may not change your life, but it will change your heart. ~Write up by Julia Bennet of Studio JUL "Totally shifted my energy from tax panic to queen of calm." ~ Lorna Lange, Yoga Teacher, Wellness & Awareness Coach "So wonderfully fresh and unique." ~ Nancy Shultz, Yoga Teacher ERYT-500 "As a meditation instructor and life coach, I am always looking for soothing, inspirational music to play at my stress reduction center. I have just found my new favorite! This music is captivating and comforting. Bravo!" ~ Kim Colegrove, Owner, Make Time for Nothing Stress Reduction Center "Beautiful! I enjoy it more each time I listen to it." ~ Kathy Jamison, Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Consultant "Very calming. Love it!" ~ Tunda Hay "I was grumpy and stressed out. I played it and was instantly calmed." ~ Heather Sellers "Truly beautiful. It draws you in and evokes instant emotion. It moves the core - stirs the soul - makes you tactilely aware of your heart - and connects you to the center of being." ~ Dr Kim Yoo, Acupuncture Center 'Chants To Retreat's otherworldly feel brought me to an inner space where I could let go of some sadness and grief. After listening, I felt lighter and at peace.' ~Aggie Stewart, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, writer, and editor ' Evocative and meditative the album is a sonorous collaboration between an amazing voice and the most beautiful instrument in the orchestra. ' ~Mary O.

1.1 What Is Real
1.2 See the Light
1.3 The Eternal
1.4 From Darkness to Light

Chants To Retreat: From Darkness to Light


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