Chris Rainbows Wild Bunch Uk: Oaken Ground

Chris Rainbows Wild Bunch Uk: Oaken Ground
Title: Oaken Ground
Artist: Chris Rainbows Wild Bunch Uk
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884502302073
Genre: Rock

Oaken Ground is the second full length CD from the South of Englands Wild Bunch UK. Kicking things off with a great cover of BOA's 'Keep the Faith' and the country rock sounds of 'Before It's Too Late'. The band play a mixture of styles all firmly rooted the the 70's.This CD has fourteen tracks, ten written by the band and four classic covers.Their brand of Southern Fried Retro Boogie Rock maybe below the radar in terms of commercial appeal but strangely this makes the music on this CD even more appealing.As the band say themselves 'obscurity is the new rock 'n roll'.

1.1 Intro/Keep the Faith
1.2 Before It's Too Late
1.3 Washday in Rockwell
1.4 Rock 'N' Roll Groupie
1.5 Down the Highway (Feeling Alright)
1.6 Natchez Burning (Live)
1.7 Sabf
1.8 The Simple Truth
1.9 Leaving Here (Live)
1.10 Attack 09
1.11 Storm of Steel
1.12 I Ain't Gonna Be Lonely
1.13 Dealing with the Demon
1.14 Back to Kansas

Chris Rainbows Wild Bunch Uk: Oaken Ground


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