Christelle: What You Gon Do Wit It

Christelle: What You Gon Do Wit It
Title: What You Gon Do Wit It
Artist: Christelle
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 802469120523
Genre: Rock

Christelle's voice is an unstoppable force that perfectly fits this incredibly determined young woman. The Las Vegas based, nineteen-year-old Pop/R&B artist has taken on countless challenges in her young life and career, and has successfully met every single one. Her hot new songs herald the arrival of this very special young artist, who let's nothing and no one get in her way. Born in Gabon, West Africa, Christelle grew up listening to French, African and American music, but the music that struck a chord in her was the American R&B and Hip-Hop of artists like Beyonce, Ashanti, Brandy, Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Mariah Carey. As Christelle recalls, "Even though I couldn't understand the lyrics back then, no other music made me feel as good." Determined to make a better life for herself, Christelle immigrated to America in 2006, initially with the goal of becoming a dental hygienist. Settling in Las Vegas, she immediately faced an enormous challenge - the language barrier. She explains, "It was a very difficult transition. It was horrible to not be able to communicate with people. I gained a tremendous amount of respect for the millions of immigrants that make up so much of America." Undaunted, Christelle was determined to learn English as soon as possible. Enrolling in an intensive English school, she graduated in December of 2007, qualifying her for the university system. Finding herself even more inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of some of her favorite R&B and Rap stars, she dropped her desire to work in dentistry and enrolled instead into the International Academy of Design and Technology, where she is currently a second year student looking to create her own clothing line, in conjunction with her music. When Christelle saw Rihanna, a Barbados native, gain huge success in America, it inspired her to make it big as a singer in her own right. Starting vocal training in early 2008, she soon entered the recording studio, and this year she has already recorded twenty-four songs, and produced a video for her track, "Money Machine." Her sultry and sexy voice suits songs like "Excess Vibration," "You're Busted" and "I'm A Tease" perfectly. The combination of her Pop and R&B sensibilities make the songs immediately memorable - fun and hot. Christelle is currently recording with young producer Jbeats & Dizzy D from Jackson, TN, adding a more urban pop and R&B flavor to her music, as she plans for her breakout year of 2009. "I loved recording the songs I did this year and seeing them grow," she says with a smile. "I know I've come a long way, but I've going to go much further this year." She's looking forward to touring and for her music to be on the radio, and as she says, "I just hope to give back the good feelings I felt when I was in Africa, listening to American music." Those are big ambitions, but given what Christelle has already accomplished, there's little doubt that she'll get what she's been looking for.

1.1 What You Gon Do Wit It [R ; B/Hip Hop Mix]
1.2 What You Gon Do Wit It [Dancemix]
1.3 What You Gon Do Wit It [Danceremix]
1.4 What You Gon Do Wit It [Instrumental]
1.5 What You Gon Do Wit It [Vocals]
1.6 What You Gon Do Wit It [Performance Track]
1.7 What You Gon Do Wit It [Ringtone]

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Christelle: What You Gon Do Wit It


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